Hi! I’m Pablo Seidel, a christian professional passionate for the internet, having large experience managing, designing and developing many different kinds of websites (see examples below). Currently I work on contract for the Hope Channel and for the Seventh-day Adventist Church World Headquarters (Washington D.C.). I also work at the Weimar Center of Health and Education (California) as the Creative Director and Faculty Member. I’ve been working with internet and technology for many years, and I’ll be happy to help you!

Although I know the whole process of creating a website, from the sketch to the final product, I also enjoy working as a team. I can work with web developers to resolve technical issues and implement new features, work with web designers to enrich design and to make functional improvements, and monitor site statistics and conduct search engine optimization.

My motto is: “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do [it] with thy might;” (Ecclesiastes 9:10).

So, please, take a look at my web and printing portfolio below for some samples of the work I’ve done, and I encourage you to scroll down to the bottom of that page and contact me right away. I’m looking forward to working with you! God bless!

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“Thank you SO MUCH for what you have done in assisting and helping Hope Channel with these new websites. What you have done for this project is outstanding! We are so thrilled with these new sites and believe God has something very special in this new dimension of ministry. Your professional expertise has been and will be a blessing!” Kandus Thorp (VP, Hope Channel)

Pablo, my wife and I send you a virtual hug. This is amazing! I thank God for blessing you with such skills to make the internet prettier. :-) … It really looks beautiful. Thank you so much. I am forever grateful for your services. You have done an outstanding job. Kwesi Gyimah (Pastor, Columbus African SDA Church – Ohio)

“Congratulations! Your website [www.portalnatural.com.br] now is considered a “Public Website” by the city of Angra dos Reis (Brazil). The website was evaluated by the digital inclusion team, according to the content, design and features, and now appears as one of the most complete in the “Health” category.” City of Angra dos Reis (Brazil)

“Thank you Pablo, for your excellent, patient and willing work! You went beyond your call and Hope Channel is truly appreciative of your efforts! I want to thank you for always making yourself available and for taking on items I could not do myself as the creation of all social media accounts. Also, I want to specially thank you for taking my initial design of the banners and duplicating it to the other four sites! This was a personal huge help you offered. I would not have met my deadlines if it wasn’t for your assistance in these areas. We will stay in touch my friend! God bless you!” Earley Simon (Hope Channel Producer)

“Thank you very much for such tremendous work that you have done in putting everything together. Thank you also for your willingness to address our questions. Praise the Lord for your talents!” Oleg Kostyuk (Cross Connection TV Show)

“Pablo delivered a website that was exactly what we were hoping for. He patiently worked through a process of creation and adaptation to help us reach our target. He is very professional and very capable technically of creating what we needed, and his sense of design is outstanding. Hire him.” Karen Suvankham (Hope Channel Producer)

“Thanks Pablo, for your hard work on the web sites. I look forward to more contact in the future.” Brad Thorp (President, Hope Channel)

“The website structure is very good and easy to use, and the layout is very clean and professional.” Fernando Cardoso (Paz Online)

“I am very pleased with your professionalism, which is being revealed in the work that you have done, and it shows the recognition of people who have social projection, especially there in the USA. This shows that your work is very good. God gave you this talent (and others) as a web designer, and you have used it very well. Congratulations! I’m really happy! I am happy and proud to talk to my friends, people in general, when presenting lectures about you and your work.” Cesar Vasconcellos de Souza, MD (Doctor, Writer, Lecturer)

“Hi Pablo. I saw the website and I’d like to give you congratulations. It’s really good!” Ranieri Sales (Pastor)


  • Website Design (delivering a fresh new website)
  • Website Redesign and Fixing Problems (let’s make your website look better and work just fine)
  • User Experience (UX) (transforming your website on an engaging and intuitive tool)
  • Social Media Profiles (creating facebook pages and twitter accounts and integrating them with your website)


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